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Reach Your Goals

We will tailor a program to optimize your speed, strength, coordination, and stability. Our staff and trainers will follow a clinically and scientifically-based program proven to get you results on the field, court, or in the pool. Our goal is to maximize performance in a safe and controlled setting to decrease the risk of injury.

Program Information

Open to all ages and sports. We will create a program specifically for you! We also offer generalized programs for enhanced fitness and strength. You will receive an initial assessment by skilled professionals and spend 8 weeks improving your stamina, agility, endurance, speed, and coordination.


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We Can Get YOU Better, Stronger, Faster

Need to take a step toward success? We can help. DoverPT is a state of the art, independent, professional, friendly office focused on getting you better, stronger, faster. We participate in most insurance plans, but even some out-of-network benefits will make our services a great choice for you. We help patients of all ages whose movement and function are adversely affected by injuries, aging, disease, or environmental factors. Call us today to see how we can provide a safe and healthy program for you!

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